Mind The Gap

Lara Cumming


Holding its first party over a year ago at Cabaret Voltaire’s Hectors, mind the gap knows too well the effects that the ongoing pandemic has had on the dance and night life industry. Born from a simple conversation between Gwennan Kirk and her boss about the lack of diversity in Edinburgh’s dance music scene, mind the gap embodies its name by hosting nights that provide a platform for female, non-binary and LGBTQ+  artists to showcase their talents across Scotland. Gwen recognised the gap in the market and identified the importance of seeing positive role models in places that people choose to spend their time, thus mind the gap was born.  

mind the gap hosted two parties before the country was forced into lockdown, in turn stunting its aims to close the apparent  gap in the Edinburgh dance scene. Rather than focus on the negatives imposed by the closure of venues across Scotland, Gwen utilised her time off to revaluate the aspirations for mind the gap, incorporating skills learnt from studying music business to really focus on mind the gap’s plans for the future.

“Ideally one day, the dance scene will be so inclusive that mind the gap won’t have to exist anymore” she says with genuine hope. 

As society begins to reopen, mind the gap plans to host more monthly parties at Hectors. And quite excitingly, mind the gap is exploring the logistics of hosting DJ workshops, further providing individuals that would normally find it difficult to break into the music industry with the opportunity to develop their skills. All going well with the reopening of clubs, Gwen hopes for these workshops to be up and running by the beginning of next year. 

Gwen notes that is important to continually educate not only ourselves, but those around us regarding the inclusion of female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ artists in the Scottish dance scene. Already attaining a positive reaction amongst the scene, mind the gap’s future is bright, picking up exactly where it left off and will no doubt be the catalyst for a ground-breaking change throughout the Scottish dance scene. 

If you are looking to get involved with mind the gap, you can reach out to Gwen via the mind the gap Instagram account, she told Project Radio that she is always actively on the hunt for new talent, if you’re interested slide into her DM’s.