Hit the Breaks!
Adam Darko


Review of Et Al's new track "Want to Be" out on Zone Focus

Back once again is the breakmaster Et Al with his new track “Want to Be” on Zone Focus. The Aberdeen native’s new track is one that is sure to bring aural delight for your listening pleasure. As the track starts, it introduces us with soft, unimposing pads that begin to bypass with an emerging breakbeat that go parallel, side by side with a subtle yet rumbling bassline.

As the track moves forward, you can detect elements of trance that inspire euphoria experienced whilst in a club or at a festival, which is delightful as lockdown restrictions are soon to ease within the United Kingdom. The simple yet delicate arpeggiated synths waddle along as the breaks come to a sudden halt within the breakdown section as a hypnotising vocal speaks of positive thoughts before slowly building back up with major dance energy that is makes you feel one with everything… which I guess you could say where we all want to be. The track departs in a groovy two-step fashion before diminishing with those lovely arps that would make it an excellent closer for any set.

Overall, the track is a brilliant combination of trance and break elements rolled up into a nice presentable audio dish for the listener. It's out right now on Zone Focus, check it whilst it hot!

Listen to "Want to Be"