Alex Virgo

Mollie Denton


London based DJ & producer Alex Virgo, previously named as ‘one to watch’ by Mixmag and thoroughly respected by Patrick Topping after playing 6 of his tracks in one night, caught up with Project Radio to discuss artistic growth, how he kept the creative juices flowing during lockdown, and looking to the future of nightclubs re-opening. 

With releases on Eats Everything’s label Edible and Patrick Topping’s Trick, Alex Virgo’s sound has evolved over the past decade. Having recently launched his very own label Pomme Frite, Alex Virgo continues to produce music that channels in his energetic and club orientated sound that bounces between disco, italo and house. 

How have you occupied yourself over lockdown?

It’s been such a long time i’ve gone through different phases! But the thing i’ve always come back to is the studio, whether its making music, improving my setup or learning new techniques. 

What have you been working on particularly to grow as an artist? 

I think having so much time has helped me not put too much pressure on my output of music but concentrate on experimenting and trying to bring in different styles into my sound.

What line of inspiration do you take when producing music? 

It’s usually listening to music, whether it’s albums, mixes or radio shows. I’ve made a list in my phone of links to loads of different things to listen to, then I’d just take the dog for a walk & try to listen to something that might give a spark.

What has kept you motivated and inspired throughout lockdown? 

I’ve enjoyed digging for old music & watching music documentaries which definitely helps with inspiration. Motivation has been tough though ha, it’s important not to push things sometimes but i’ve found looking after myself mentally usually leads to motivation. 

What have you got lined up production wise? 

I’ve made a shit ton of music this past year, I feel like my head has moved on quite far so expect to hear some different styles in the next 12 months!

What are you looking forward to most once nightclubs open again? 

I think it’s the little things, bumping into people/ different groups of friends you haven’t seen in time, that anticipation of being outside a booming club, those moments on a dance floor where the energy levels up from a track. 

What are your thoughts on UK Festivals in the current climate? 

They’ve been put in a tough situation with covid & the lack of support from the government. It’s a shame to see festivals being cancelled because of insurance but hopefully it’ll be business as usual soon!

What are you hoping to have changed in terms of nightclub culture and the dance music industry post-pandemic? 

It’s been a tough 15 months for the dance music community & it’s going to be tricky navigating out of the pandemic. So I hope there will be a feeling of togetherness and attention to being mindful to others. 

Name some of your favourite nightclubs that you have played at before. 

I think I have to mention Fabric, some of my first clubbing experiences were there and it was a privilege to play room 1. Renate Wilde in Berlin gets a special mention as well, such a crazy place!

Name some DJs that you would like to play with.

Cant look any further than Gerd Janson, and I would love to play with Paul Johnson again. I had the pleasure of playing with Paul quite a few times & he was such an amazing person. They say don’t meet your heroes but Paul was such a genuine person, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet and party with him.