In Conversation With: VXYX

Blair Fulton


Over the past year, I haven't actually met that many new people. My days have consisted of working, seeing old mates and trying to get stuff done for my radio show. It’s weird actually, I feel like I was meeting new people every night before the pandemic (something I took for granted at the time) but that all tapered off when the restrictions started coming in. Someone I was happy I did meet in the last year, however, was VXYX - otherwise known as Vanessa.

Vanessa runs a heavy techno night in La Cheetah and we spent a weird night in her flat with a load of people watching(?) the boxing and playing tunes to daft o’clock, it was one of the more random nights I’ve had and was a warm welcome back into the bustling nightlife of Glasgow.

After we met and got talking about what we both got up to, I thought it would be cool to do a short interview with Vanessa about what its like running a promotion and how she’s been coping over the past year:

How have the lockdowns been for you?

To be honest, I’ve missed the clubs and running Eutony but it’s been nice having some time off to refresh and plan things for when lockdowns over. The first night we done after lockdown with Quail b2b Dj Smoker, Miranda and myself (VXYX) b2b Neoma was absolutely slamming - was well worth the wait. 

How long have you been DJ’ing for?

So I started Dj’ing when I was about 21 but, I had well into tunes before then. I used to go upto the reading rooms in Dundee and Pressure at the Arches pretty much every weekend. Made a lot of good connections and started promoting for a few nights. 

Has it always been the heavier kinds of music that have interested you?

Pretty much aye, I used to be a massive trance fan when I was about 15-20 then started listening to Slam and that’s when I grew a passion for techno, tbh I used to be a massive techno snob when I was younger haha. As soon as I woke up in the morning I’d listen to techno until I went to bed. I remember always listening to Chris Liebing's CLR podcasts, Slam radio and Drumcode. 

Where/when did you start Eutony?

I started Eutony back in 2017 - Saturday 18th Feb was the first one and I booked my good friends, Dean from Aberdeen and Van Damn from Arbroath who runs All Good. I had thought about running my own night for a while and I woke up one morning and was like ‘fuck it today's the day where I’m gonna put into action’. There was a small venue called Legends and I knew the guy who owned it. I messaged him that morning and we locked it in within an hour. Ever since that first night I was like yaas this is where it all begins.

How has it been since you started it?

It’s been absolutely unreal, I always had high expectations to make it what it is today, the feeling is overwhelming now that it’s all come to where it is now and I’m so proud. My good mate dean was a part of the Eutony team when I brought the events to Glasgow, we both had a massive passion to run the events and book the DJs together which will always be a massive part of what Eutony is today. 

What’s your favourite night been?

That’s a tough one to answer, there’s been so many class nights but Anetha in 2018 for the Halloween party and also our first night in La cheetah with Under Black Helmet which was Eutonys 1st birthday. 

Nightclub promotion is a field that has, in a sense, been dominated by men over the years. Do you feel that being a female has impacted your opportunities since Eutony’s inception?

This is a good question, I’ve been asked this a few times. I see woman that are djing and making a platform for themselves and it’s so fucking inspiring, I hate to think that females get booked just because were woman. There’s so many amazing female producers and djs smashing it just now and tbh there always has been. The whole male dominated thing needs to be nipped in the bud. 

Any artists you reckon we should be looking out for?

Absolutely, where do I begin! The 2 queens AISHA and Neoma

Miranda. Dj smoker and lovejoy who runs Missing Persons Club, ona:v who runs Epika, Vandal, Dj DDSIX who runs Schematic just to name a few.

What’s coming up in the future for Eutony?

On the 9th of feb we have part 1 of our 5th bday with YTP (released on international chrome, Jensen interceptor and VTSS has been smashing out his tracks too) then we have invited back Vandal to play a b2b with Dj ddsix and Miranda to play a b2b with myself (VXYX). That’s all I can announce at the moment but, We have our usual residency in La Cheetah which is the second Wednesday of every month. In April we have our first weekend date on the 22nd - we have a massive line up planned for that so keep your eyes peeled :)