Grooving with Gerron

Lara Cumming


Grooving with Gerron 

An exclusive interview with Finn and Murray from GERRON in preparation for the release of their first single 

Over the past year, the industry that has undoubtedly suffered the most is the nightlife industry. Club nights and parties are now a distant memory and the question of when we will dance again remains. Almost a year down the line, it is understandable that it is difficult to keep a positive momentum as a creator. Many plans have been put on hold until clubs are given the go-ahead to open their doors, artists are having to find ways to overcome issues that go hand in hand with living through a global pandemic. 

Edinburgh based disco-house duo GERRON know just too well the difficulties of trying to create during this difficult time. GERRON, made up of students Murray Gardner and Finn Morrison both 21, have been working throughout the on and off again lockdown to produce new music. The pair have had to make the most of their spare time, having regular zoom calls in attempt to produce music remotely.  Murray and Finn are anticipating the release of their first single next month. 

Murray and Finn began playing together in October 2019 – their first set in the Cab Vol café – and solely focussed on having fun. For them both a set plan for the future doesn’t exist, they plan to continue making music as long as they enjoy doing so. After being “blown away” by one of Gerd Janson’s sets at Sub club Soundsystem, the pair often find inspiration from his track selection. 

Not only do Murray and Finn produce music under the name GERRON, but both are also creative in other ways. Murray has been working on tracks with Manchester producer and DJ Ollie Wood. Finn also plays guitar in Perth based band Parliamo while also producing for artists on the creative collective Mi Familia. 

Having seen a few of GERRON’S sets, it is fair to say they don’t take themselves too seriously, the crowd is always at the forefront of their minds. Their top priority is ensuring everyone is grooving at all times. 

I spoke to Murray and Finn from GERRON in an exclusive interview 

What are the plans for the future for GERRON? Anything exciting coming up? 

GERRON: We have our first single coming out, which we are pretty excited about. We don’t want to give too much away, but the new track is pretty much made for the summer, it’s made for festivals. With our music we always try and make it as groovy as possible, we want to focus on tunes that will lift people’s moods. We also have more tracks we are sitting on which we’ve made with OffPulse our friend from Manchester. Those are a lot more geared for the clubs. 

How has the current situation impacted GERRON? 

GERRON: It has been challenging for us because we don’t live together so we’ve been trying hard to go on zoom calls and make music. We’ve been trying to listen and buy as many records as we can during this time. 

How do you think the music/nightlife industry will recover from this? 

GERRON: It’s going to be so hard for the nightlife scene, however, folk are missing going out so much that once the clubs do open,  we will see more and more punters supporting the scene.

Do you have any advice for people struggling to be creative during this time?

Gerron: Our biggest tip would be to make as much music with friends, keep ideas flowing as much as possible.