Lara Cumming


The “Put-off” project that created RIOT CODE

Lockdown served as a catalyst for what Northern Irish duo RIOT CODE describe as a ‘put off’ project. The mysterious pair, who prefer to keep their identities in the dark, told Project Radio that RIOT CODE had been a project that had been overly discussed while they worked in other areas of the music industry, pen was finally put to paper and RIOT CODE was born.

Both coming from musical families, the pair were surrounded by vast genres of music which they nod to for not only their appreciation of music but also the style of music they produce. In order to find inspiration for their craft, RIOT CODE said that “We find inspiration in a lot of things, stuff that perhaps might not even be music at times but maybe even movies or art…”

What started as a put-off project has gained great success for the Northern Irish duo, their forthcoming track on Homage New York – Uncivil jungle featured on BBC introducing. RIOT CODE include a “bit of everything” throughout their music with their thought process stemming from different ideas and genres. Refusing to fit their music into a box, listeners are able to hear diversity throughout their music.

This can only be described as the start for RIOT CODE, they told Project Radio about their upcoming plans…

Your Tripwire EP came out earlier this year, what was the process of creating this?

We had to create a good way for us to get a good workflow of making music mostly over zoom calls, phone calls and sending projects back and forth but we wanted to craft some sick club tracks that we hopefully can hear doing the rounds in the clubs soon, so far we’ve heard the tracks doing the rounds in empty dance floors from live sets haha…

 What are the plans for the future of RIOT CODE, what are you guys working on?

We've got lots of things happening in the pipeline, we've got some huge releases this year with some of our inspirations on our EP's, included on some sick V/A's & our bookings have been coming in great for debut shows so things are looking pretty bright. it's pretty much a roundabout at the minute we're just straight into EP after EP but whilst we're on this flow of creativity we're grabbing it as much as we can! 

Towards the end of last year, your forthcoming track on Homage New York - Uncivil Jungle was featured on BBC Introducing, what was that like for you?

Ah that was sick! We found out maybe a week and a bit before the show was aired live that Jag was dropping the track, was an amazing feeling and we had a little zoom call with our close mates and family to hear it! it's crazy how accessible the BBC Introducing system is, big ups Jaguar for that she's a great person.

It’s been difficult year for everyone, how have you been proactive over the past year ? 

RIOT CODE has been a ‘’Put-off’’ project we’ve discussed for some time whilst we were busy doing other things within the music industry, solo artists and as friends lockdown came at the perfect timing to put pen to paper of our overly discussed project throughout the years to the test, we’re really glad we did.

Have you got anything in store for Project Radio listeners?

We've got some sick surprises incoming for the Project Radio listeners over the next few months so be sure to keep an ear and eye out for something coming your way!